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We are moving forward and there is good news to share.

At San Diego's latest Comic-Con I was privileged to be sitting with my dear pal Marc Singer to announce the August 27, 2019 release of...

V The Original Miniseries -- in Blu-ray

Warner Archive did a meticulous 2K scan of my original material and has created a sterling Blu-ray -- with four times the pixels of the 2001 DVD.

The visuals are crystal clear and the five-channel sound track is stunning.

Marc and I enjoyed sharing stories about making the original. Of course many among our huge audience at the Con asked about progress on V The Movie.

You may recall that the new Desilu Studios signed a contract with us to fund and produce the V Movie Franchise Trilogy. They made a big press announcement and gave us a sizable down payment.

I and my solid producing partners John Hermansen, Barry Opper, Ken W. Johnson (no kidding, but no relation) had begun location scouting, commissioning concept art, organizing our production team and starting the complex pre-visualizations for the first of the trilogy: V The Movie.

Six months in we were blindsided and badly stung when Desilu Studios was exposed as sham operation. We were not alone. Read the full story in The Hollywood Reporter.

But our time had not been wasted. It had been used wisely. Much physical progress has been made with film commissions in several states. And our audience at Comic-Con got a sneak peek at some of the startling concept art plus one of our pre-viz shots where the camera sweeps upward revealing the vast expanse and depth of a vast, mile-wide landing bay inside the Visitor Flagship.

They saw that V was no longer restricted by the confines of a TV screen or tight budget. It had clearly evolved into a big-screen, theatrical event.

A new producing partner has joined our team, and we're currently in discussions about exciting possibilities.

The fact that the new Blu-ray became the Amazon Number 1 Bestseller in less than a week has totally startled Warner Archive and is another great selling point for us.

V is both timeless and particularly timely at this moment in our country's history -- and the world's.

Rest assured that we are on the case.

--Kenneth Johnson

V The Movie