The Filmmaking Experience:
Life In The Trenches

The Filmmaking Experience: Life In The Trenches

Kenny with fellow NYFA profs Lydia Cedrone & Paul Brown in Red Square. They presented two-week seminars in Filmmaking at the prestigious Higher School of Journalism at State University, Moscow.

A Master Class by Kenneth Johnson

The New York Film Academy invited Kenny to the Russian Federation for a two-week program at the Higher School of Journalism, Moscow State University, internationally recognized as "the Harvard of Russia."

Kenny often presents three or four segments drawn from his full seminar as a Guest Lecturer for the New York Film Academy in Burbank, California.

It may be possible for a few non-NYFA students to audit. E-mail Kenny if you're interested. Put “NYFA Guest” in Subject.

The Seminar Sessions

Secrets for Success -- How to prep, cast, rehearse, create a shot list, place the camera and lead your team with maximum efficiency in an inspiring, fun, creative environment.

The Time Eaters -- Elements of filmmaking that will chew you up if you're not adequately prepared, including stunt work, big action, process photoraphy, night shooting, working with animals and children.

Planning & Executing Special Visual Effects -- An informative visual session that thoroughly breaks down the process.

Cheats: Tricks of the Filmmaking Trade -- Detailing wonderful cheats you can get away with on film.

Classes are in the NYFA Theater, 3300 Riverside Drive, Burbank

Kenny's full 20-hour seminar, detailed below, may be presented later this year.

Producing & Directing for Filmed Television and Theatrical Features: Life in the Trenches

A Master Class by Kenneth Johnson

An insider’s perspective on how to produce and direct features, TV movies and series episodes, this is life in the trenches of film-making, including...

How to Prep: How to budget, cast, rehearse, use locations, create shot lists.

How to Shoot: Deciding tone and style, staging actors for drama and comedy (using students in the class), camera placement, lenses, camera moves, stunts, big action, special effects. Plus how to plan and shoot Special Visual Effects.

How to Post: Editing, looping, musical scoring, dubbing the soundtrack and finishing the film.

The 18 hour course employs extensive visual aids including staging a scene in class with a live camera, many storyboards and much concept art, plus a great many filmed sequences and personal behind-the-scenes footage showing exactly how to produce and direct effectively on the set. -- And have fun doing it.

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Kenny taught this class for several years at UCLA Extension where instructors are evaluated by their students. -- 9.0 is the highest score. Kenny's average score is 8.8.

He has presented all or portions of his 18 hour seminar at the USC and NYU Film Schools, Columbia, Carnegie-Mellon, San Francisco State other California Universities including Loyola Marymount, plus the English National Film and Television School and the State University, Moscow.