The Six Million Dollar Man


Kenny recording the commentary for his original SMDM two-parter of The Bionic Woman.

He's pointing at his original manuscript, hand-written in 1974. To see some pages click here.


Kenny recording the commentary for his classic SMDM two-parter The Secret of Bigfoot.

He's holding the plaster cast made from Andre The Giant's actual, massive, size 24 foot. Kenny also used it later in his pilot movie for The Incredible Hulk.

he massive 40+ DVD Six Million Dollar Man set via Time-Life contains all series episodes, the "cross-over" BW episodes, the Bionic Reunion movies and the three SMDM pilot movies. Plus new interviews with Lee Majors, Lindsay Wagner, Richard Anderson, Kenny and others.

Seasons One and Two of Kenny's original series The Bionic Woman have been released by Universal.

Kenny recorded commentaries for his original Bionic Woman two-parter and for The Secret of Bigfoot episodes on SMDM.

Additionally, for the BW set Kenny recorded full length commentaries for The Ghosthunter and Doomsday is Tomorrow.

Kenny knows that all the fans of both Bionic shows are as pleased as he is that these iconic classics are finally going to be available on DVD.

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