V Ship Drawings -- Because many fans have
asked, Kenny has located the original concept
sketches and plans which production designer
Chuck Davis created over a single weekend.
The link will bring up a PDF file.
...Just what the world has been waiting for:
publication of the novelization of Kenny's
original V -- in Korean!
Audio Interviews. Hear Kenny talk about V & Alien Nation
Amazing new V Diorama created by the brilliant
Cesar Villar Toro of Spain. -- It's hard to believe
that this is really only
a model!
See Cesar's work in progress. Click on each
small photo to enlarge. Be sure to check out all
the pages. He's truly a genius.

See more
amazing close-ups!
A novel homage in Jonathan Franzen's Number One Bestseller, Freedom.
Video - Kenny recalls casting Jane Badler
Original V honored yet again
Also...V invades Legoland
Featured in John Stewart's
new "history text book"...
And it was bound to happen
V honored in England's The Guardian
At the Sacramento Zoo!
Used Spacecraft Lot, taken
on Warners back lot while
Kenny was dubbing
Circuit 2 in 1988.
Read Kenny's exciting new novel...
coming soon in Italian translation.
V The Second Generation  
V  among Entertainment Weekly's "Top 25 Sci-fi Movies and TV from The Last 25 years"
V also one of three by Kenny in TV Guide's "25 Greatest Sci-Fi Legends"
Make a V Friend by Bryan
And Tor Books has also republished  
A.C. Crispin's novelization of
original miniseries in hardcover, trade
paper and pocket editions containing
special new material written by Kenny.
V in Variety -- A recent article about all of Kenny's iconic shows being remade -- and V The Movie.
Among EW's "20 Greatest Science Fiction Shows" -- V was one of three by Kenny
And in the L.A. Times
Video - Kenny tells V origins
V's Leonardo Cimino passes.
"Go tell your friends..."
And brava to Gabriele in Italy...

The cake is made with the following

Inside the cake: Pan di Spagna,
flavored with wetted a
"dealcolinized" of Roum - hazelnut
cream, "strictly Italian" - fresh cream
- butter cream and sugar paste, used
to cover everything!

Outdoor decoration: gummy candies
and grains of sugar colored ;

The print - at the center of the cake -
is made on edible sheet of hostia
"flavored with vanilla-flavoured" and
silk-screened with food coloring!
Mural by Thomas Tournery in
Avignon, France.

The quotation reads... "This
wall is respectfully dedicated
to the heroism of the
Resistance fighters, past,
present and future."

The same dedication I placed
at the beginning of my
original miniseries V.
V predicted the current American government.
Timely Poster by Canadian
Kyle Burles
Swedish Royal Philharmonic performs V
Vintage Robert Englund  jokes about original V