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Award winning author, screenwriter,
director, producer Kenneth Johnson
has been mesmerizing audiences with
his wholly original speculative fiction
work for over forty years. He is the
creator of the ground-breaking and
influential original miniseries V,
producer of
The Six Million Dollar Man
and creator such Emmy-winning
iconic shows as
The Bionic Woman,
The Incredible Hulk
and Alien Nation.

Now Johnson brings his creative
genius and storytelling gifts to an
ambitious undertaking: an epic,
super-natural mystery thriller rooted in
one of the great untold legends of
human history. Here is a unique blend
of gripping action, intriguing
characters, cinematic scenes and a
narrative interwoven throughout
centuries of historical fact.

The novel is set in contemporary New
York City on New Years weekend, 2001
but with flashes back two millennia to
the ancient Holy Land and even further
into the primal myths of
Paradise Lost.  

A troubled young female tabloid
reporter  discovers an impossibility: a
cursed man who apparently cannot die
and who has profoundly affected the
course of human history for 2000
years.  She learns that he is being
sought by a feisty 85-year-old UN
envoy consumed by wistful memories
of her long-ago romance with him, but
also relentlessly pursued by an
ambitious priest - the latest of many
Vatican pursuers over the centuries.

Most dangerous of all is an ominous
stranger who haunts the hero and will
draw him, plus all those who care for
him and thousands of others into a
nightmare confrontation with the
ultimate evil.

Told in the first-person by many
different eyewitnesses - including the
reporter, the elderly woman, a
mixed-race street kid/graffiti artist, a
country singer, a Japanese taxi driver,
a Latina child, the obsessed priest and
the hero himself - THE MAN OF
LEGENDS is a complex and
multi-layered novel that is both a
riveting thriller and a shrewd
examination of the way our actions
affect others.

Heart-rending romance, unrelenting
suspense and a jaw-dropping climax
make this novel a must-read this
PUBLISHERS WEEKLY: "One of the most anticipated novels for summer, 2017."
Over 150,000 copies bought.
50 overwhelmingly positive
Reader Reviews maintaining a
rating of
4.3 out of 5 Stars,
plus fine reviews by the
Associated Press and others.
The Man of Legends is an engaging novel.
Johnson takes a big gamble by telling such a
complex tale invoking every genre imaginable
while juggling distinct and deep characterizations.
The bet pays off, resulting in a story that will be
popular with book clubs and fun to discuss.”  

          --- Jeff Ayers, Associated Press
“Kenneth Johnson’s The Man of Legends is a
terrific page-turning adventure that draws the
reader into a battle between good and evil…
A spiral that builds toward a shocking climax in
New York’s West Side. A must for anyone who
likes thrillers with a paranormal twist.

     --- Authorlink.com

The Man of Legends, by Kenneth Johnson, is
nothing less than phenomenal....I encourage sci-fi
lovers to read this, women's fiction lovers to read
this, heck-- just everyone should read this…when
I finished I wanted it to go on and on.

         --- Night Owl Reviews

“A centuries-spanning story of spirituality and the
search for meaning in a very long life.”

       --- Kirkus Reviews

"Fascinating as the pieces begin to come together.
Readers will be drawn into the different stories…
Overall, this is an intriguing historical time-slip
               --- Historical Novel Society

“Kenneth Johnson has once again created a
timeless tale that offers up adventure, suspense
and romance all wrapped up tightly in a
supernatural mystery.”
             --- Suspense Magazine

“If you recall Kenneth’s Johnson’s brand of
humanism and science-fiction excitement from
his television work,
The Man of Legends may be
the best new novel you read in 2017.”
          --- BlackGate.com
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