Coming from Amazon/47 North on June 12, 2018
Amazon bestselling author Kenneth Johnson
plunges readers into a day-after-tomorrow
thriller about an imminent global catastrophe
and explores how ordinary people respond to
extraordinary circumstances.

When the icy shards of a rogue comet fall to
Earth, they bring an unknown virus that
accelerates evolution to extremes. Suddenly,
infected plants grow stronger, choking out
those uninfected. Animals turn aggressive
and deadly. The eyes of loved ones go cold,
and infected neighbors begin exhibiting signs
of brutal domination.

In a small Georgia town, fourteen-year-old
Katie McLane sees her neighbors changing,
one by one.

Dr. Susan Perry, an epidemiologist at the
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention,
uncovers the frightening scope of the
menace. The infected aren’t just evolving.
They’re conspiring to alter the very nature of
what it means to be human.

Katie and Susan become fugitives because of
what they know, encountering bitter betrayals
and lethal dangers, but also loves ignited and
inspiring camaraderie, as they fight to prevent
a viral conspiracy from creating a terrifying
brave new world.
Available for preorder in
Hardcover, Trade Paper,
Audio Book, Digital & Kindle